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Our firm specializes in high-end fractional recruiting, expertly matching startups and IT consulting firms with exceptional software engineers & IT talent in the United States, Canada and Latin America.


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Our Recruiting Focus

Infrastructure & Networking

1. Network Engineers
2. Cloud Engineers
3. Systems Administrator
4. Database Administrators

Enterprise Solutions

1. Dynamics 365 Experts
2. ERP Specialists
3. CRM Specialists
4. Power Platform Specialists


1. Cybersecurity Analysts/Engineers
2. Penetration Testers
3. Security Architects
4. Incident Responders

Storage & Data Management

1. Data Engineers
2. Data Center Engineers
3. Storage Engineers
4. Database Administrators


1. Virtualization Engineers
2. Virtualization Architects
3. VDI Specialists
4. Virtualization Systems Administrators

IT Support & Operations

1. IT support technicians
2. IT Operations Managers
3. Service Desk Analysts/Engineers
4. IT Project Engineers

Business Intelligence & Analytics

1. BI Developers/Analysts
2. Data Analytics Specialist
3. Data Scientists
4. Data Warehouse Specialists

Cloud Computing

1. Cloud Architects
2. Cloud Infrastructure Engineers
3. Cloud Security Specialists
4. Cloud Consultants

DevOps & Automation

1. DevOps Engineers
2. Infrastructure as Code Specialists (IaC)
3. Site Reliability Engineers
4. CI/CD Pipeline Engineers

Software Development

1. Software Development/Engineers
2. Software Architects
3. Quality Assurance Engineers
4. Product Managers


1. Machine Learning Engineers
2. Data Scientists
3. AI Research Scientists
4. AI/ML Infrastructure Engineers


1. Robotics Engineers
2. Robotics Software Engineers
3. Robotics Research Scientist
4. Robotics Systems Architect


About us

Launched in January 2021, LatamRecruit emerged as a dynamic force in tech recruitment, initially focusing on connecting U.S. tech startups with top-tier software engineering and IT talent from Latin America. Over the years, our expertise in identifying and placing the ideal candidates has built a robust portfolio of successful matches. In 2024, we expanded our reach, now also serving U.S.-based companies in their search for founding software engineers within the States. Whether it's remote, hybrid, or in-office positions, our tailored headhunting approach continues to yield great success, underscoring our commitment to bridging talent with opportunity in the tech world.


Each case is unique, and we offer flexible, cost-effective models tailored to fill your IT roles. Let's discuss how we can provide you with the best solutions.

  • Receive prescreened candidates daily
  • 0-risk, pay only when you hire
  • 3-months guarantee
  • Hire in 3-4 weeks
  • Cultural fit
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers

How many pre-screened candidates will you receive?

Per position you will receive on average 3-6 pre-screened candidates per week. This is variable per requirements and position.

How long does it take to hire someone?

This is dependent on your recruiting process. But on average our clients hire someone in 3-4 weeks when they start with us.

Do you require exclusivity?

We believe in flexibility and choice. You are not bound by exclusivity with us. You have the freedom to collaborate with as many recruiting agencies as you prefer.

Is a technical assessment conducted on candidates by your team?

No, we do not conduct technical assessments on candidates. We understand that each of our clients has specific technical assessments or interview processes in place, and we wish to avoid having candidates undergo multiple technical evaluations or assignments. This approach ensures that candidates are not overburdened, and clients can assess candidates based on their unique criteria and standards

What aspects are covered in your pre screening process?

During prescreening, we focus on several critical factors to ensure candidates are a good fit for your needs. These include proficient English communication skills, matching technology skill requirements, alignment with expected salary ranges, and availability based on notice periods.

Can we negotiate a tailored package for bulk positions?

Absolutely! Let’s talk and see what we can mean for each other.

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Do you handle full-cycle recruitment?

No, our specialty lies in identifying and pre-screening candidates based on your specifications. Once a candidate meets our standards, we forward their profile to you along with our insights.

How many positions can you handle?

We're equipped to manage any number of positions you have, thanks to our robust headhunting capabilities.

How large is your team?

We have a team of four technical sourcers, expertly trained to identify top-tier tech talent in Latin America for you.

How can I employ individuals in any country?

We'll start by looking into all the rules and regulations in the country where you want to hire people. Once we understand what's needed, we'll figure out the best way for you to hire there. It's like doing detective work to make sure everything goes smoothly when you bring on new team members from different places.

What's the typical salary range for senior tech professionals in Latin America?

You can send us the senior technical role you are looking for, and we will conduct research to specify the salary range for each available role, completely free of charge. The salary range varies depending on factors such as the job description, years of experience, and English proficiency level.

Do you manage IT roles in any country??

Yes, while our primary focus is on Latin America, we have expanded our services globally, providing our clients with a broader range of solutions.




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