Talent Acquisition Strategies for Software Development in Latin American

Software Development in Latin American


Latin America is home to millions of talented and skilled software developers. Every other tech company wants to hire software developers from Latin America. However, searching for the right candidate for your company could be a tiring process, as you may not know the place well. But do not lose hope, as this guide will help you with the necessary guidelines and tips to hire one of the top software developers in Latin America. 

Before starting the hunt for hiring the best software developer, let’s take a look into the Latin American tech industry. Recently, several new tech companies and startups have started growing in Latin America. This significantly enhances the demand for software developers. This is how it became a central hub of top software developers. The talent in this specific region has significantly grown to the point that every tech company wants to recruit developers from here. Some main countries owing the biggest talent pool include Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia. 

Up until now, you must have a lot of questions like the current number of Latin American developers, how they are better than other countries’ software developers, why they are a better outsourcing option for US companies, and how Latam Recruit helps you find the best possible software developer for your project. To know the answer, let’s move on to the next section!

Whether it is multinational tech companies or startups, everyone wants to recruit a software developer with expert technical skills at less pay. However, in a world full of competition, it is difficult to find and recruit top talent in your home country. Therefore, US companies often consider it best to outsource their projects to software developers in Latin America. 

There are several reasons why South America chooses Latin America to outsource their work. Let’s further look into this matter and find out the answers you are looking for.

Why Outsource Software Development in Latin America?

  1. Time Zone Difference

The Delivery of tasks at the right time matters the most in outsourcing. However, outsourcing your project to software developers in Latin America is a great option. Because the countries in this region only have a few hour’s time difference. Whereas, countries in other continents like China, India, Australia, and Indonesia have almost a day and half day difference. This could cause delays in the project and mismatched timings may lead to complications.

  1. Policies & Regulations

Tech companies, looking for software developers, do not only focus on technical skills. Instead, they also look for other skills like English proficiency level, high communication skills, cost-effectiveness, and geographical proximity. They prefer a person who has greater flexibility and adaptability. When we compare Latin America to other outsourced Asian countries, Latin America seems more approachable and considerate in everything.

  1. Proximity 

The proximity and time difference between South And North America is a few hours. The development of software is a complex and important process. Therefore, tech companies can’t simply outsource their work to any developer around the world. Because even the remote developers need to visit their team from time to time for better communication and problem-solving. However, if companies hire software developers from Latin America, then they would join their team in just a few hours without any problem. Whereas, if they hire someone from Asia or other countries, it would take them a day or half to reach the desired location which could waste a lot of time. 

  1. Global Support 

The number of talented local software developers keeps rising in Latin America. They are ready to participate in big tech projects. With the rise in the technical sector, Latin America has become the talk of town in the developer industry. Hence, many multinational companies are outsourcing their project to software developers in Latin America for better results and great revenue. The involvement of big multinational tech companies ultimately enhances the economy of Latin America.

Cultures Of Latin America

Recruiting a software developer just because of his skill is not beneficial for companies. There are other factors that companies need to consider before onboarding a software developer from another region. Cultural difference is one of the biggest factors that companies need to understand. And I’m sure no one wants to lose such a talent just because of differences in cultures. Following are some cultural shocks that you may see in Latin America.

Local Colleges & Universities

The type of college and university in which developers study and graduate brings the biggest difference in the overall education and personality of the developer. However, if you are looking to recruit software developers who just passed out or graduated, then look into the top universities and colleges in Latin America. Latin America has the best tech schools, some of them include:

  1. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
  2. Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  3. Instituto Politecnico Nacional
  4. Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Engineering Backgrounds

The education system in Latin America is quite different from North America. Therefore, they offer different employment options as compared to the US. The tech engineers of Latin America graduate from top tech universities, join coding academies and participate in tech boot camps. They have more working experience in the freelance world. Thus, all these points help them become the best talent in the world. 

Job Resume

Latin American people have very interesting resumes. They use the term “CV” for their resume. Their resume has a very clean and modest structure. They prefer not to mention their separate achievements, instead they focus more on teamwork. This shows their devotion and teamwork skills which is a very needed aspect in almost all types of jobs. Also, their personal info page containing personal data and photographs is much longer than a traditional one-page format. 

Destinations For Software Development Outsourcing In Latin America

  • Argentina

Argentina is not only a home of talented software developers but also has other proficient skills. They have great communication skills and high proficiency in English. Also, in academics, they are known to be higher scorers in the whole of Latin America. Also, the government of Latin America is working hard to constantly update the law of labor which significantly benefits the software freelancers in the country. This way, they can attract good companies to their tech industry. Ultimately, companies in need can find a talented and skilled software developer too.

  • Bolivia

The majority of Latin American countries have cultural differences from North America except Bolivia. Bolivia is a rare country in Latin America that has similar cultural values as the US. This means that the software developers from Bolivia will more efficiently and quickly adjust to the new culture of the US. They don’t have to face any communication hurdles and can work better. The technical industry of Bolivia has exceptionally increased in the last few years and become a central hub of much of Latin America. The economy of Bolivia is cost-efficient which means that you can recruit a software developer that can easily adapt to new changes and take less wage.

  • Brazil

The economy of Latin America is greatly benefiting from Brazil. Brazil has the largest tech hub in Latin America. It has around 500 big companies which includes HP and IBM. It is also a home of thousands of software developers, engineers, and professionals. There are almost 23k IT graduates and 500k IT experts. Also, they have high English proficiency which makes them ideal candidates for outsourcing IT projects.

  • Chile

The tech industry in Chile has developed a lot over the years and now become one of the biggest participants in growing the economy of Latin America. It has one the biggest and latest telecom infrastructure. The broadband adoption and mobile rates are also attractive. The software developers of Chile are known for great excellence in the fields of web designing, data processing, mobile banking, green technology, and security systems. Therefore, Chile is a hot spot for attracting big multinational companies to outsource their work. 

Software Development in Latin America In Easy Steps

  • Right Country

Recruiting a Latin American software developer is a very good decision for your company. However, it is hard to find the right one that suits your project and company value. Latin America has 33 countries and you need to understand which country suits you. First of all, do some little research and see which country’s value matches your company’s needs. If you are looking for software technologies, then go for Argentina or Chile as they have talented developers in the field. Some little research will save you time and help you find the best candidate.

  • Talent Pool 

Latin America has millions of developers but each one has a different specialization. Most Latin American software developers have specialties in coding and back-end development. Also, most of them have expertise in data analysis, data administration, mobile development, and website development. Once you choose a suitable country, then look for developers in the specialization you need. Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile have the best back-end software developers. Similarly, Brazil has top DevOps, graphic, and game developers. Hence, look accordingly.

  • Price 

Finding the best talent is necessary for the overall success of the project and the company. However, you need to understand whether your company budget affords a talented and specialized developer or not. Some biggest tech countries in Latin America have software developers with the highest pay rates. Whereas, there are also thousands of software developers that are most talented and have an affordable pay rate. Hence, make sure to plan a budget and then search for a developer that meets your current budget needs.

  • Test Tech Knowledge

The ratio of software developers in Latin America is exceptionally high. However, each has a different level of talent, knowledge, and skills. There is a high possibility that the technology you use in your country is not popular or familiar in Latin America. Therefore, test whether the candidate has familiar expertise and knowledge of the technology you use in your project or company.

  • Experience

You will certainly not want to recruit a software developer who has no experience in such vulnerable projects. You may find a talented software developer but he may not have experience in the particular niche for which you are looking for him. Therefore, ask about their experience first. Even if you recruit a fresh graduate with zero experience or a talented developer with other specializations, make sure he has the skill and ability to deal with your projects.

Hiring A Software Developer In Latin America

The tech industry of Latin America attracts companies globally. It offers tech entrepreneurs and tech companies the opportunity to recruit software developers. This region not only gives a talented developer but it benefits the companies on another level.

In the majority of Latin American countries, the pay rate is quite affordable. This, however, allows companies to hire talented software developers at an affordable price and use that money in other tasks of company research or marketing.

The majority of countries in Latin America are taking part in the economies of other countries globally. Therefore, the governments of Latin American countries have decided to support innovation and startups. For this, they have started to offer tax incentives, especially for foreign investors. Ultimately, this reduces the wage-price more and sets a fair rate in the tech market. 

Hiring workers from other regions significantly helps in building relationships which later helps in attracting customers and clients when you launch your product or technology internationally. 

Why Choose Latam Recruit For Your Software Development Needs In Latin America?

  • uncheckedAccess To A Rich Talent Pool

We, Latam Recruit, are a leading recruiting company in Latin America. We ensure to provide companies with the biggest talent pool with diverse software developers. Our expert recruiting team keeps an up-to-date record of expert and fresh graduate software developers. This helps us in finding a reliable, talented, and skilled software developer that meets all the needs of the project and company values.

  • uncheckedHigh-Quality Communication

Communication plays a key role in outsourcing work. We, at Latam Recruit have a team of experts who ensure a smooth way of communication between candidates and companies. Also, our expert recruiting team also ensures to find you a software developer with high proficiency in English and strong communication skills. This way, there won’t be a barrier between software developers and your team and you both can develop a successful project by working together. 


Latin America is a thriving tech industry. Because of its continuous growth in the technical world, the number of talented software developers and engineers keeps rising. Most software developers in Latin America look for outsourced work to enhance their productivity. Therefore, it is one of the best places to recruit software developers at affordable prices. 

Finding and recruiting the right candidate for your project could be difficult. We, LataR, help you find a talented software developer who not only gives excellent services at an affordable price but also meets your company values. By collaborating with us, you can have access to a bigger talent pool, navigate candidates with exceptional communication skills, and geographical proximity, and easily onboard with a smooth legal process. 

Leave your worries about recruiting the right software developer. Contact our expert team of Latam Recruit, and embark on a journey of smooth recruiting process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Software Developers Are In South America?

According to a study, in 2021, the total number of software developers in Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil was around 9,63,000. 

Why Outsource To Latin America?

The countries of Latin America offer premium quality tech services at affordable prices as compared to the US. Also, the majority of Latin American countries like Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Bogota, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires are becoming advanced central tech hubs.



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