Talent Acquisition Trends: Spotlight on Software Development in Latin America

Talent Acquisition Trends

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The tech is taking the world by storm. Over the years, an astonishing change in the tech spectrum has been visible. Even in America alone, tech investors are showing great interest in the American talent recruitment system. Due to this reason, better and more comprehensible talent acquisition trends are emerging in Latin America. Improved collaborations with the software development sector are drawing the attention of the media as well as the people. 

Increased Demand for Tech Talent in Latin America

There is no doubt that tech nerds and associates are highly appreciated by employers and talent recruiters in Latin America. Their contributions are obvious, and the sustainability of this sector owes to their skills and vast experiences. 

From all over the world, employers are picking this talent to keep the scope and efforts of this industry intact on all counts. From engineers to data scientists, everyone has something to offer to this sector as well. 

In 2023, there are fair chances that tech companies are looking forward to upgrading their teams with skilled and new tech talent. 

Hot seats are available for full-stack developers, data scientists, and engineers in established companies in Latin America. 

Talent recruitment is crucial for the sustenance of this industry. A company can better rely on accurate talent acquisition, especially when it is standing in a competitive tech industry. They need skilled and certified professionals so that they can save the employer’s time and money. 

The stage of hiring is not easy; instead, it is extensive. Different candidates who often apply for tech jobs can relate to this fact easily. 

When recruiters rely on tech for talent acquisition, they can speed up the process and also pick the best talent along with making informed decisions for the company as well. 

Contract recruitment means people inviting tech interns and new graduates to work for themselves at a decent salary so that these professionals can fill in the spots and gaps of these companies and boost their performance within the domain. 

Contract recruitment is emerging as a new form of talent recruitment for companies this year. The benefit of this recruitment is that companies don’t have to undergo a management hustle that often delays the provision of products and services to the customers. They can hire freelancers on a contract basis and mimic the same results and performance from them. 

One of the stringent consequences of the global recession has also impacted talent recruitment in a bad way. Due to this reason, contract recruitment omits different costs for the companies. 

In 2018, it was seen that Google had recruited professionals on a contract basis more than its pre-existing employees, making an example for other Latin American companies to follow when needed. 

  • More Focus on Soft Skills

Tech recruiters are prioritizing soft skills and looking for them among the tech talent. Today, companies are considering 75% employment success based on the soft skills of the candidates. Therefore, for the candidates of 2023, applying for a tech position in a company will mainly depend on their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

It is not surprising that owing to this trend, the soft skills industry is going to witness an expansion of $66 billion as the year 2030 approaches. Candidates need to adapt themselves to 22.5% collaboration and 19.2% innovation, which are among the top soft skills needed by tech companies today. 

  • Diversity Efforts are a Priority for Companies 

It is hard to deny that tech has revolutionized talent recruitment for the companies. Different AI tools are there to provide recruiters with ease during this process. 

Candidate screening, organizing applications, and interviews are now much more convenient for recruitment specialists. The process itself is now efficient and fast-paced, which makes HRs and talent recruiters keep up with the job applications as well. 

The roles are also diverse and streamlined, and equally accessible to the applicants. This trend is crucial for companies that focus on diversity and promote workplace culture among their staff. This year, there is a high possibility that LATAM talent recruiters and other firms will focus more on diverse portfolios and candidate profiles for recruitment. 

  • Remote Hiring in LATAM 

It is also obvious that remote hiring is a new trend in talent acquisition strategies given by companies. Remote work has been raving since the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is not going anywhere soon. Due to this reason, the experts believe that it is a great opportunity for the tech companies to avail from. Working from home and remote operations is the new normal for tech talent. 

Today, the stats show that 88% of talent demand flexible hours while 80% are comfortable in remote positions, as described by Harvard Business Review. 

Even in Latin America, remote acquisition is booming, and it promises 10x better growth & scaling opportunities if candidates work from home. Companies are marching towards building huge remote workforces, as reported by the Deel State of Global Hiring 2022, which makes sense because of this trend in the domain. 

  • Recruitment Partners and Tech Talent in Latin America

Another trend seen in this process is the collaboration of recruiters with tech talent. It is obvious when we talk about global hiring that different factors like language barriers, ethnic codes, regional differences, and site distances are commonly faced by our recruiters. Networking and skill testing problems are also important to consider. They can lead to problems in talent acquisition on the whole. 

Even in LATAM, recruiters find it hard to analyze portfolios and resumes because of the problems mentioned above. Different software in LATAM is now functional that can resolve these issues for the talent recruiters. 

The scope of this field is obvious by its revenue, which went up to $22.1 billion in the year 2021, and the numbers are also increasing afterward. 

  • Use of artificial intelligence in recruitment

It is fair that tech talent recruitment can be made easy with tech solutions like AI. Companies are relying on AI software to hire tech talent and boost their performance in the industry. The best part about this trend is that AI solutions will help in candidate evaluation and screening on all counts, which are crucial stages in the recruitment process. 

Also, employee management is important, and its problems are solvable by using AI in talent acquisition. 

The major benefit of this trend is that AI solutions will help automate the candidate rousing and will reduce the pressure on the recruiters on the whole. 

  • Acquisitions

A company cannot stand the test of time without targeted recruitment at all. The crux of the company’s operations lies in the talent it uses and the nature of its workforce. 

Therefore, for the year 2023, companies are aiming for bulk acquisitions. It will save the time of HRs and recruiters, and they will be able to handpick eligible and skilled candidates as well. 

  • Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is important for tech companies so that they can give an edge to their hiring strategies and workflow processes. In this way, they can learn about the prospect attitude and business mentality to the deepest level. 

The trend of analyzing eligible candidates on the basis of their experience, skills, and portfolio is already common in different companies. However, the dash of predictive analysis provides them with further insights that can help with better candidate and talent analysis. 

So that the companies can only rely on adept professionals perfect for the specific tech job vacancies, it is obvious that for the tech recruiters, employment verification and further operations will be streamlined with the help of predictive analysis. 

  • Recruitment via social media

Social media can also contribute to the feasibility of recruitment and talent acquisition. 

Different platforms like LinkedIn recruitment are now a big asset for HRs for hiring purposes. Through social media content creation, hiring talent and analyzing their skills is now possible. 

Also, platforms like Instagram have features of direct messaging that can be a great tactic to include in talent acquisition strategy for recruiters. 

  • Automation

Automation for recruiters and candidates proves to be effective in executing different operations. But there are also some misconceptions buzzing in the automation industry. 

One common insecurity among the employees is that it will replace them any sooner. However, to resolve such insecurities and doubts, companies are upgrading their policies that infuse a sense of confidence and reliance in the candidates and employees on all counts. 

Some expert opinions regarding automation technology shed light on the positive side of this tech for companies and even employees. It is not here to replace the human workforce; instead, it empowers them to be more efficient in their operations. One common tech is AI, which has given birth to different uncertainties among the applicants.

However, some intelligent companies are leveraging AI to break the ice and use it in favor of the human workforce and talent acquisition process. Today, different tools and tracking mechanisms like ATS are available that add to the facilitation of recruiters and HRs for their jobs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most influential recruitment trend in current years?

Right after the COVID pandemic, workers are showing great interest in working from home. The ease of remote working and duties has empowered them to contribute to their employers with great focus and efficiency. These perks have been comparatively unavailable in the onsite work culture as well. 

How can AI improve the tech recruitment strategy?

Artificial intelligence can easily automate huge tasks for recruiters and talent hunt experts, including candidate screening, assessment, and resume analysis. It will easily save time, and the experts will be able to invest in more crucial operations. 

What is gamification in tech recruitment?

Gamification means a company is conducting game-like formats, including quizzes, questionnaires, and small contests to draw the attention of applicants and pick the top talent in an easy way. 

Predictive analytics is important for deeply assessing the candidates and their skills. It is also helpful to hire them on the basis of their soft skills. Predictive analysis also reduces the pressure on the recruiters. 

What is the mobile tech recruitment trend?

Mobile recruiting means that the willing candidates and applicants will use their mobile phones and other smart devices for job applications. They don’t have to personally come to the site and struggle with time management for follow-ups at all. The job application process will be much easier if they do it at the ease of home. 

Why Choose LATAM Recruit?

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