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All agreements, the policy on privacy, the cancellation notice, and this set of conditions are referred to by a particular terminology. The words “client”, “you”, and “your” symbolize the individual who is using the site and agreeing to all of the conditions set out by the organization. We use “the company, us, our, ourselves, and we to refer to the organization. For the buyer, we use parties and us, including us and the client. All of the terms involve the request, acceptance, and consideration of the fee required in order for us to execute and carry out the process of helping the customer in their preferred way, keeping their goals in mind and satisfying their requirements with regard to the fulfillment of the services provided by the company in compliance with and liable to our current following laws. It is understood that any use of the aforementioned language, together with additional words in plural and singular capitalization and or, he, she, they refer to one another.


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Such things are prohibited:

  • Republishing content from Latam Recruit
  • Rent, sell or grant a sublicense for content from Latam Recruit
  • Duplicate, reproduce or replicate content from Latam Recruit
  • Transfer material from Latam Recruit

Commencement of this agreement starts from this date. The free rules and regulations generator helps us in creating all our terms and conditions. A few sections of the website allow the user to submit and exchange comments and suggestions. The comments will appear on the website once the Latam Recruit filters, edits, publishes, or reviews it. Comments and statements that are present on the site do not necessarily mean they reflect Latam Recruit, its affiliates, or its agents. The ideas and views represented in comments are the views of the person who posts them on the website. Latam Recruit disclaims all liability for the comments, including damages and expenditures resulting from the use, publication, and comments on the website to the degree allowed by applicable laws.

Latam Recruit retains the right to review all content and comments. They can delete those comments that violate our terms and conditions or are deemed offensive or inappropriate.

You guarantee and represent that:

  • The comments comply with any proprietary rights, including beyond limitation, a third party’s intellectual property rights, patent, or trademarks.
  • You possess the appropriate permissions and authorization to publish your feedback on our website.
  • The posts do not violate someone’s privacy or contain demeaning, libellous, insensitive, obscene, or otherwise illegal content.
  • Any of the comments will be usable for advertisement or solicitation to support any illegal conduct, custom or commercial activity.

By using this form, you give Latam Recruit permission to use, copy, edit and use third-party usage so they can modify any of your comments in any form or format.   

Hyperlinking to our Content

The organization shown below can connect to our web pages without obtaining previous written consent.

Government bodies, search engines, newspapers, online directory distributors, and others may connect to our webpage in the same way that they refer to the web pages of other featured businesses.  

These groups are allowed to connect with our homepage, publications, or other pages on the websites if they comply with a few of our requirements: (a) they are not misleading the audience, (b) it must not mistakenly imply the sponsorship, approval, endorsement of the entity that links with its products or services (c) it must be appropriate given the linking party’s website context.

If we get other requests for hyperlinking that lie into the following categories, then  we will approve those links upon such considerations:

  • Well-known consumer and business information sources
  • Community sites on dot.com
  • Charity representing groups and other associations
  • Distributors of online directories
  • Internal portals
  • Legal, accounting and consulting firms
  • Educational and traditional associations.

If we determine that (a) the organization does not have any adverse histories with us, (b) the company does not possess any unfavorable records about us, (c) the advantage that comes to us via a public image from the hyperlink in the setting of general asset information, we are going to grant that hyperlink requests about these entities.

These organizations are able to link with our homepage if they comply with our few requirements: (a) they are not misleading, (b) they must not falsely suggest sponsorship, support or acceptance of the organization that is linking with and with their products and services (c) it must be appropriate given the purpose of the linking party’s website.

In order to link with our website, you must notify us by sending a mail to Latam Recruit if you belong to one of the entities mentioned in section 2 above. Kindly provide your name, the title of your company, your contact details, your website URL, and an outline of any URLs you plan to connect to our website, including a list of URLs on our website that you want to add a link to. Await a reply for 2-3 weeks.

Organizations that get approval to insert links are able to do so in these ways: by using our cooperative name, utilizing the standard resource locator that references it, using website’s description in an alternative way that it makes sense out, making the sense of another website’s data.

Without a license to use the trademark, the use of any artwork, including the Latam Recruit logo, for linking is prohibited.


You are not permitted to build segments around our web pages that alter our website’s appearance or look without our written consent.

Content Liability

We don’t take responsibility for anything that appears on the website you run. By linking with us, you sign up to protect our website from any issue that happens because of your website. Any website that could be unlawful, defamatory, pornographic, or contain content that violates user rights should not have links on it.

Reservation of Rights

We have the right to ask for and take down all links to our website. You agree that we can remove all links to our websites immediately when the user requests and proves the unlawful content. Additionally, we maintain the right, at any moment, to amend these rules and regulations and the linking policy. You accept these linking guidelines by linking to our website regularly.

Removal of Links From the Website

You can connect with us on the website whenever you want. You are able to let us know if any comment or link upsets you and leads you in a bad way. Although we are not answerable to you, we will consider your request and remove it if we find it under derogatory conduct. We don’t claim that the content available on the website is correct and accurate, and we also don’t claim that all the data will be available for a lifetime and accessible by users.


Nothing in this disclaimer will restrict or eliminate us from the liability of any conduct that is fraud or lies under the misrepresentation, limit or exclude any liability in any manner that does not comply with applicable law, or exclude any liability that is under the applicable law.

This section and the rest of the disclaimer’s liability limitations and prohibitions 

(a) are under the supervision of the statements written before it 

(b) apply to all liabilities under the declaration.

We do not claim all liability for any loss of any kind as long as the website, its content, and services available to the audience are free.