Cost vs. Benefit: Is DevOps Recruiting Agency Worth It?

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Is Hiring a DevOps Recruiting Agency Worth It? The tech industry is growing rapidly, so it takes a lot of time and effort to find the best-fit DevOps candidate for your company. Most of the time, companies hire experienced DevOps recruiting agencies which helps them find the best talent available in the market and save them from the hectic processes. But is it really worth it to pay a recruiting agency to hire a DevOps candidate? Read the article to the end so you will make a wise decision in hiring a DevOps recruiting agency. 

The Cost of Hiring a DevOps Recruiting Agency

Service Fees

DevOps recruiting agencies charge a fee for providing you with a suitable fit for your company. Normally a percentage of the new hire’s first-year salary. This fee range could be from 15%-30%. It depends on the firm and the position they are offering. Mid-level DevOps engineer earns around $120,000, where this salary could be between $18,000- $36,000.

Initial Consultation Fees

There are many agencies that may charge upfront fees. Whether you need a consultation or retainer. The purpose of charging this fee is to secure the agency’s services and this fee could add to the total amount you will pay to the agency. 

Opportunity Cost

While this is not a direct cost, it’s the time and resources your HR team spends on hiring that can be crucial. Utilizing these resources anywhere other than hiring could lead to missed opportunities for your company. 

The Benefits of Hiring a DevOps Recruiting Agency

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

Almost every DevOps recruiting agency has connections. They have a vast network and large databases of eligible candidates. They can promptly link you with a candidate who might not be actively searching for jobs but is interested in potential opportunities.

Expertise and Industry Knowledge

DevOps recruiting agencies are well aware of understanding the technical skills and the required qualifications for these positions. Such recruiting agencies can closely evaluate a candidate’s technical skills and cultural compatibility, lowering the chances of hiring mistakes. 


Outsource the hiring process, so your internal HR team can focus on other important tasks. The DevOps recruiting agency will take care of the time-consuming process of screening resumes, conducting first-round interviews and communicating with potential candidates. 

Higher Quality Candidates

Recruiting agencies mostly have strict screening processes to make sure they provide only the most suitable fit for the company. This mostly results in higher retention rates and improved performance. 


Recruiting agencies have multiple offerings for providing candidates such as contract-to-hire or temporary solutions, allowing you the flexibility to down or scale your teams based on your project requirements. 

Case Studies and Success Stories 

Several companies get successful results after partnerships and letting the DevOps recruiting agency hire the candidates. TechRepublic shows that some companies have cut their hiring time by half and greatly enhanced their healthy and safe hiring rate. Moreover, a CloudBees case study shows how a top tech company boosted their project delivery by 30% after filling important DevOps positions with the help of a DevOps recruitment agency. 

Cost vs. Benefit: Is It Worth It?

When making a decision to hire a DevOps recruiting agency, it’s crucial to maintain the costs against the important benefits. For many firms, the time saved, availability of top talent, and expertise that agencies provide exceed the starting investments.

If your company is having trouble finding a talented DevOps engineer or your HR team lacks the resources for an effective search, collaborating with a specialized recruiting agency might be a decision that will pay you off over time. 


Partnering with Latam Recruit. We are a specialized DevOps recruiting agency. We give access to attract candidates with experience and skills, senior experts in the industry, and a smooth recruitment process. We also help you in creating a strong DevOps team that brings growth to your business. Make a complete cost-benefit analysis and consider your company’s particular needs before deciding.

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