Rise of Offshore Software Developers: Benefits & Guide to Hire

Rise of Offshore Software Developers
Learn how Offshore Software Developers are reshaping the tech industry. Know the benefits of working with offshore developers to enhance your business's capabilities.

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Multitasking is a very difficult task for enterprises and startups. Things always stay hectic, forming an army of highly advanced engineers to manage projects and be successful.  

Once you step into the offshore development firms, there is a major change to be seen. The trend of outsourcing is increasing day by day. At the top of the moment, the rush to hire the most perfect offshore engineer is rising very fast. 

Easy money solutions, advanced developers, and no problem managing in-house teams are the major reasons for the hype of this.

In the present time, it is getting very difficult for firms to manage to achieve a high position at a very early stage. Brains and Co. researched almost 2000 companies that state that after 10 years only 1 out of 10 companies tend to grow with profit. 

Now even brands are hiring offshore developers who manage startups and scenarios for them. In this article, we will be talking in detail about what offshore developers are, when and why they are needed, and the steps that must be followed before you hire an offshore developer. 

What are Offshore Software Developers

What are Offshore Software Developers?

A software developer who controls and does the remote job for different offshore development projects is called an offshore developer, sometimes written as OSD.

Companies with offshore developers often have delegated tasks, being located in countries as third-party organizations where there is a combination of a pool of great tech talent with a cheap living cost. While managing the best quality, they are providing services of IT at a very competitive rate. 

An example of this can be if you are an organization based in the US and you want to hire an Asian developer you absolutely can.

Benefits to Hire Offshore Software Developers

Here are a few different ways by which you can hire the best offshore developer for your company as what suits it great. For instance,

  • Have your talent pool expanded
  • Increase your productivity
  • Beware of the problems from co-founders
  • Have your projects done at Easyscale
  • Be a master of doing things before deadlines
  • Have your expenses saved

Let’s dive into the details of each.

  • Have your talent pool expanded

As you can hire globally to increase your IT talent is all possible because of the availability and smartness of the offshore developers. This also allows you to find the perfect talent for the position you require. 

If we look into the example of hiring an app developer who is enriched with jQuery or React native Mobile Framework then hiring someone who works remotely is the best option. This can increase your options of finding him quickly and getting your work done. 

By using this method you will be able to hire the perfect person who knows how to put his skills and work into use and also get them into practice. Many companies who are offshore already have perfectly skilled workers who are advanced in all categories and are delivering their best work to the companies.

  • Increase your productivity

As Eversoft stated if you outsource a few software developers, your productivity can improve, as hiring young talent can bring in a great change of perspective and aid in solving the issue of application blockage development. 

If you are not familiar with or don’t have the technology then you may outsource the projects to the company, this is an easy way will have you have your work done more quickly than before and give you a relaxing time. 

  • Beware of the problems from co-founders

The programs of the startup can cause a bit of difficulty: conflicts between co-founders can result in almost 65% of failures with high potential. Some problems lead to greater ones to resolve these matters or to keep your company safe from this offshore developers are the best option. 

To avoid the problems that are built at the MVP(minimum viable products) level you must hire a developed offshore developers team instead of hiring within the company. They introduce stages and ensure that you don’t form disagreements over the budget or any other costs.

  • Have your projects done at Easyscale

There can be a chance that your company is not easy with large and high-level projects because of limited resources. To negotiate and to attract clients is not a problem for you then the best option for you is outsourcing.

To meet and agree with offshore developers is always easy and they welcome their clients heartily. They have the right resources which are in demand for the expert project and they love accepting challenges because of their high capability.

  • Be a master of doing things before deadlines

You can ensure your client of the perfect time and perfect delivery while doing thighs before the deadline with the help of the client demanding improvements and tips from the outsourcing developers. 

With the help of the offshore team, their highly qualified developers provide extreme assistance with your work which always helps the companies to keep track and get their things done quickly. Quality along with consistency is also what they offer at their best: with the team, you get your work from the best around the world.

  • Development Costs

Want to get your work done at a very effective cost you don’t have a very great and much budget so the best option is to get outsourcing developers. 

Not only does the outsourcing guide you to avoid the high costs of getting within house teams (almost 58% plus is the average cost as compared with them), but, it also implies there’s no need to apply extra on the expansion of infrastructure, for the purchasing of the technology, or be trained for your goal achievements.

Top Locations To Find Offshore Software Developers

Top Locations To Find Offshore Software Developers

Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe are the best locations to get offshore developers. Let’s have a look at them.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe

There are various advantages to outsourcing software developers from Eastern Europe. This is one of the places where you can hire a candidate much faster as compared to other regions. Also, the developers are very fluent in English which also makes them ideal candidates.  

Following are some main Eastern Europe countries where you can find offshore software developers to add to your teams. 

  • Ukraine has over 1,000 tech companies where you can surely outsource your software development project
  • Poland is the land of almost 658 technical companies that have remote skills for IT and development projects.
  • Romania is the home of around 249 software development organizations ready to take outsource projects
  • Belarus has at least 225 IT firms for outsourcing works
  • Bulgaria has 156 IT companies ready to lend you a hand in your outsourcing development projects 
  • Hungary has at least 71 organizations with outsourcing works.

Latin America

The minimum time difference is the biggest benefit for American companies to hire or outsource tasks to countries in Latin America. Moreover, the less geographic distance allows companies to invite software developers to their summits, team meetings and launches easily. 

Latin America is considered a hotspot for hiring software developers. Some widely known Latin American countries for offshoring include:

  • Mexico is the home of over 340 IT companies that provide outsourcing opportunities for IT firms
  • Argentina has almost 190 rising companies with the goal of outsourcing projects
  • Brazil comprises 180 plus high-quality IT firms where you can outsource your tasks.



Asia is also a rising region containing the biggest talent pool. This place is a calling home of over 10 Million software developers and engineers. The greater pool of talent is the key benefit of outsourcing your project in Asian countries. The following are two top places to recruit a software developer:

  • India has over 1880 tech companies that are offering outsourcing opportunities
  • The Philippines comprises 60 IT firms with outsourcing project options.

How To Hire Offshore Software Developers?

This step-by-step guide eases your worries of recruiting offshore software developers. 

Targets & Business Goals

Before stepping into the hiring or recruitment process, first, set the priorities you want in offshore software development and clear the project target you wanna achieve. Think about what you expect in a software developer and what is your desired goal of success. Bigger projects always need them to be divided into the smallest achievable tasks to reach the goal faster and more vividly. 

Budget & Ways To Make Savings

Budget plays a vital role in the success of any business. Therefore, create a budget and calculate how much pay rate you can afford. Then choose an offshore software developer by keeping in mind your average range. To reduce the spending cost, look for areas with more talent but in an affordable range. Narrow down the countries that have lower pay rates as compared to others. This significantly reduces you both on projects as well as outsourcing.

Job Analysis & Define Requirements

Job analysis effectively helps you in the outsourcing process. This step involves evaluating the job’s nature, and its main responsibilities, and requires skill and experience. There are basically two types of methods to do job analysis:

  1. A work-oriented method focuses on the main responsibilities m, duties, and functions of a job
  2. An employee-oriented method concentrates on certain expertise and skills to perform the task successfully.

While doing a job evaluation for an offshore software developer position, try to give the right responses to questions like the job’s main purpose, duties and responsibilities of the offshore software developers, required skills, and what will be the role of the candidate.

While selecting a work-oriented method, the main responsibilities of the job may include the following:

  • Make a discussion and meetings with your clients to ensure their preferences, and identify different ways to solve the challenges they may face during the development of software.
  • Taking main responsibilities for developing APIs for instance.
  • Collaborating and working with in-person team members enhance the creativity level which ultimately leads to better design and development.

While an employee-oriented method, these are a few expertise and skills needed for this specific job role:

  • Relevant experience in software development
  • Soft skills like time management, critical thinking, empathy, and communication

Hard Skills For Project

To find the perfect and best match software developer for your project, it is important to mention and clearly define the hard skills needed for the task. For instance, you need a software developer or an app developer. Does the programmer have skills in Java, PHP, Python, or C++ coding language? 

Whether your project needs a special language or a special type of feature skill, do not forget to mention them in your job description properly. The clear job description and specific skills allow me to find a candidate that is the most perfect fit for this task.

How does Latam Recruit Help You In Hiring Offshore Software Developers?

Latam Recruit connects IT firms with skilled and experienced software developers from all around the world and makes hiring offshore software developers easy. Our wide pool of tech talent, Latam Recruitprovides firms to find and recruit software developers with the required special talent and skills.

Furthermore, the cutting-edge technology that Latam Recruit uses for quality assurance and management makes the recruiting process easy and finds candidates catering to the firm’s needs. We assist companies in getting their hands on the most talented software developers all around the globe to meet their project guidelines at an affordable cost.

Wrap Up!

The main purpose of this blog is to understand the term offshoring and how IT companies can offshore their software development projects to other development companies. There are several regions with hundreds of countries inhabiting millions of IT software developers. 

Latam Recruit is a recruiting Latin American software developer service that helps you reduce your hiring cost and hire talented candidates at affordable prices. Latam Recruit provides a customized process for hiring Latin American software developers. Collaborating with Latam Recruit makes your company efficient.

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